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Questions in the Compulsive Behaviors forum are answered by Ted A Grossbart, Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School.
We have an employee (unknown) who is smearing feces on the bathroom walls, management held a meeting and came up with different solutions...
Hi I have a tendency to repeat certain behaviors. This can be extremely time-consuming and is enormously stressful (and embarrassing, a...
My seven year old son has rocked himself to sleep every night for the past 5 or 6 years. He lies in his bed and rocks vigorously often h...
Recently I was struck in the head and was diagnoised with post concussion syndrome. While I have improved cognatively my mental health h...
Hello Dr. I am a 31-year old happily married man and am suffering extremely from (I think) h-OCD. I have always loved women and still do...
I have a diagnosis of OCD due to a history of obsessions, and countinual counting in my head, and touching things. Mostly my OCD is 'inte...
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