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I am a former dental phobic and I have a mouth full of crowns (all my teeth are capped). I also have 8 implants. I wanted to know: 1)...
My dentist back in texas takes bonding material and FORMS beautiful, life like teeth to make you appear you've had veneers but without ...
Goodday doctor, i have a major problem with my mouth that is bad breath. i will like to know how i can eliminate this .using using prod...
I had three apicos on my upper left. My endo guy took out a heavy-duty amalgam on one root. He said it would take a while to heal, but th...
Hi, I had all 16 upper done 2 weeks ago - crowns - all porcelain. I still can't chew anything more solid than overcooked pasta withouth b...
hi, i have a medium sized gap between my two front teeth. after doing some research i found a lot of procedures for fixing the gap, in...
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