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DECEMBER 2011 BABIES!!!! Group

If you're due in december join this group we'll have lots of fun waiting for our little bundles of perfectness to arrive this is a perfect group for you if you're scared need answers need someone to talk to if you're on bedrest (like I am) well do lots of fun activities to keep us busy and our minds off how far away December seems
Me and DH have not agreed on a name yet, so our baby does not have a name. I feel like im the only one. Everyone else I know have a name ...
Just curious, how many of you is this your first or second or third or more? This is my third little blessing! I have a 5 year old bo...
Did you tell everyone right away? Did you wait until a certain time to tell or are you waiting until a certain time to tell? Did you only...
I'm due Dec. 1, 2011 and DF & I think this baby will be a boy i should also add my guess is usually wrong lol!! but DF has been right eve...
I am guessing that some of us are getting close to the time when we have the gender/anatomy/update ultrasound to check on our babies so I...
hello pregnant mama's I thought it would be fun to start a silly game and watch how much bellies grow..... ok so here's what we do......
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