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Hi! I have been taking Paxil for 20 years. I have recently been struggling w/ more intense anxiety and depression and irritability. I am ...
Wondering thoughts on group therapy for depression and learning new skills. Does it trigger people to hear others talking about their si...
Has anyone had an adverse reaction to the Brainpaint TC3 TC4 Nonlinear Neurofeedback Protocol?
Hi all, My dad, who is 71, has a history of depression and bad moods for most of his life. I get depression too and found 5-HTP to be ve...
I've been beating myself in the head with a closed fist as hard as I can every night for 3 months until I'm exhausted. Is it really possi...
i dont have any physical side effect like drowsing and excessive yawning which i had until yesterday but i still have excessive stress an...
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