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Is this normal for switching anti-depressants?

Hi! I have been taking Paxil for 20 years. I have recently been struggling w/ more intense anxiety and depression and irritability. I am switching from Paxil to Cymbalta, and am down from 30 mg of Paxil to 5 mg, and then up to 60 mg of Cymbalta. I feel like I am having a racing heart/palpitations. I am not sure if it's anxiety, Paxil withdrawal, side effects from Cymbalta, or there is something wrong with my heart. Has anyone switched from Paxil to Cymbalta (weaning off/increasing at same time.) If so, did you have any issues? Thank you so much!
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Gave an answer, which is only my opinion, on the anxiety forum.  I should have added, 20 years is a long time on any antidepressant and the taper from that long should be quite slow.  Many docs, however, do fervently believe in starting a new med while tapering off the old one so there's constant coverage, but I do stand by my post on the anxiety forum.  Peace.
Thank you so much Paxiled!
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How did your med switch go, The RoyalBee?
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