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My 12 year old dog was euthanized on Nov 16th. She was diagnosed with CHF about 18 months ago, but showed no symptoms until April of this...
holistic healing remedies for dog with high ALT count, information on milk thistle, dandelion root or any alternative methods of healing
Hi my lab has been acting strange. Last week she had a lameness every time she got up after laying down for extended periods. Her rt fron...
On Aug. 31st my dog was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Her creatinine was at a 8. As of almost 2 weeks ago it went down to a 2. I hav...
Hello, I have a emergency with my 13yo german shepard. He over the last few years has been slowing down especially in the rear hips a...
I first took my dog to the vet on 11/8 he came walking down the hall and yelped in pain pulling up his left front paw, tilting his head ...
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