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I have been diagnosed with partial complex seizures. I work in the medical field and my neurologist put me on Keppra. I was still having ...
My son is 25 and has seizure disorder. This past Thanksgiving, he had a total of 5 seizures over 24 hours necessitating a hospital visit...
My son was dx with Seizures in October they started him on Keppra 3 tablets 750mg XR at 7pm. My son was the most cheerful lovable respec...
I have tonic-clonic seizures, and absence seizures generally. I have headaches that cause blurry vision. I see these color blobs that mov...
I have tremendous Migraines and they are poorly managed no matter what treatments me and my Neurologist have gone through. I also have a ...
I recently went to see a psychiatrist for my depression and anxiety and he sent me to check my T4/TSH levels and EEG. My medical for EEG ...
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