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I just had a scleral buckle surgery for my right eye (with a retinal hole and detachment) about 2~3 weeks ago. The only concern I have p...
I recently developed a 'lump' on my eyelid. My GP says it is a stye or chalazion. Overnight after my GP visit, I developed double vis...
I have been waking up from sleep. Whether it is a ten minute nap of several hours, Only to find that for a few minutes I see a green ha...
For the past week I have been experiencing a twitching in my left eyelid followed by slight pain and a lot of pressure. Feels like someo...
For the past 2 months I have been having eye problems. Everthing looks like its flashing all the the time, when I look at things that are...
what is the difference in flashes and phophenes or are they the same? I know I have one of them in my left eye. I only see it in dim lit ...
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