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This patient support community is for discussions relating to fibromyalgia and related pain management.
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I have Fibromyalgia and have hyperacusis and tinnitus in both ears. I heard that both can be symptoms of Fibro and I wondered if anyone h...
i am constantly in so much pain, am under two different specialist, one for severe chest pains and the other for pins/needles in hands an...
I’m doing a case study on the problems associated with a tight or ill-fitting bra. I’ve seen that some people with fibromyalgia will tend...
I had CRPS for decades and added Fibro pain. Brain lesions and nuero sx. It suddenly spread to my heart and I went septic. For 4 more ...
I been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia x 1 year. I take Cymbalta, the lyrica did not work for me. I have also have restless leg syndrome, a...
The past 3 weeks my right arm above the elbow but below the shoulder has been aching. Almost like a band around the arm is constant pain....
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