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27 year old male. Had Covid in early January. Stomach bug early April About a month ago I had a stomach bug and I haven’t really reco...
Colonic diverticulosis, and there is a bowel loop medial to the cecum which has.a slightly thickened wall. This is probably the terminal ...
For 3 months now I've been very bloated in my stomach. I've had constipation on and off and also diahrrea. Along with it, shortness of br...
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me understanding my Mom's gastroscopy report. Please have a look at the image. They to...
hi all my mother is 63 years old. she has poorly differentiated adenocacinoma in pyloric and antrum region. Her gastrectomy + esophagoj...
i am 18 years old i suffer from indigestion for 1 year already 24/7 i feel bloated 9 month ago i had upper GI barium test which showed Ge...
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