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Feeling that i have mt familly today only because they hate my husband. Feel so lost and tired. How will i cope without ever seeing them...
This year will mark 30 years my mothers been gone, i was only 9. While she was very sick the year preceding her death, i just couldnt und...
My mom suddenly and unexpectedly died 2 weeks ago It has been a horrible couple of weeks. I am extremely worried about my dad and how he ...
Can my mother see me? Can she hear me? Can she see or feel my sorrow? Where is she? I know she is buried, but what about her soul? Where ...
My Grammy passed away in July and it's been hard. I've never lost someone close to me so this is all new and pretty scary. I am a Christi...
My mother suddenly passed away in May 2017, I havent been the same since. Not knowing if she is ok is really bothering me. I know she is ...
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