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I just recently moved to Tyler, TX and hope that someone can refer me to a Lyme Literate Doctor who accepts insurance. My last Dr was in...
I have recently been diagnosed with Sjogrens, Rheumatologist wants me to get a lip biopsy but says because I have SSB antibodies he says ...
Hi, i have had a positive IgM CDC and WB. positive IgG WB and negative CDC by one band. I have chronic Lyme sym...
I'm looking for any LLMD recommendations in/around Massachusetts. I live in Western MA, but realize I'll probably have to travel. Pleas...
I have been suffering for severe Lyme related symptoms (general constant flu like symptoms, fatigue, heart palpitations, joint pain, gene...
it seems like there are a lot of people with questions related to CD57. It would be nice to have a doctor give an overview of the marker...
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