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Menopause Forum

Questions in the Menopause forum are answered by medical professionals and experts. Topics covered include menopause issues, depression, hormone replacement therapy , hot flashes, joint or muscle problems, memory problems, mood swings, osteoporosis , sexual problems, skin changes, sleeping problems, vaginal problems, and weight problems.
I am 60, in menopause @10 years, a year ago my doctor prescribed Vagifem because my vagina was dry and thin and she couldn't do a papsmea...
I am 49 and have not had a period in 1 1/2 years. I also am hypothyroid and take 88 mg of Synthroid. I started having pelvic pain 2 weeks...
Just got results of my latest ultrasound, and it shows a 2.7 cm complex cyst on R ovary (we are assuming this is the same cyst imaged in ...
Dear Dr. Seibel, I am 46 years old, perimenopausal, and have a question about the stages of perimenopause. My history includes regular...
I’m 48 yrs old & perimenopausal. I have hormonal headaches and breast tenderness. Recent symptoms - brain fog during my period, insomnia ...
I am a 49 year old female in perimenopause. I have a history of migraines since starting my menses at age 13 years old. Been in perimen...
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