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I am currently living with drop foot for 20 years due to spinal nerve damage. I am having total knee replacement surgery. How will this a...
So I broke two bones in the Tibia and three in the Fibula six months ago, the rod is a bit painful but the Tibia is healing well, two of ...
Hello. I was hit by a car in late March and broke my left tibia. Surgery was performed and I had a rod inserted just below the knee to th...
High-grade/near full-thickness tear of the MCP ulnar collateral ligament from the base of thumb, involving both proper and accessory band...
Right knee X-Ray indicates some distortion on the medial side of femur bone where MCL attaches. However the radiologist did not mention a...
I have a little cartiledge left but a knee replacement is in my future. I had an appt with orthopedic nurse practitioner and she prescri...
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