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I had arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery 2 days ago (SLAP repair, bicipital tenodesis, subacromial decompression, 2 partial tendons tear r...
I am only 21 and have been feeling this pain in my knee when I kneel on it. If I kneel on my left knee I get a sharp pain like my knee is...
I had total knee replacement surgery 12/28/20 & it's now 2/25/21 & my knee is still swollen, I can't bend it all the way back. I'm unabl...
Area of pain is lateral to tibia tuberosity. Acute onset; no recollection of injury. It has to be a nerve as pain too intense. No muscula...
I am 6 weeks post-op after rotator cuff arthroscopy and was cleared to remove my sling two days ago. Today, my dog got underfoot and I fe...
I had bicep tendonisis surgery 4 months ago and I was doing great up until a month ago. I started having severe pain in my shoulder and m...
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