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I wanted to know that my age is 17 and my height us 5,5 and my parent are shorter then me can i add few inches in my height
One year ago I fell down a dangerous stairwell at work. I suffered a complete non-displaced fracture of the anterior process of the calca...
My question is regarding my mom. She is 56yr old and has been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis about 7 years ago and thus she has been...
I have recently been diagnosed with a tendon tear in my knee, and more specifically the patellar tendon, the doctor said he does not want...
I have been searching online for some time on this topic to see if others had this same issue. I have never been able to fully straighten...
It's very hard for me to describe, as I don't understand it. But here's the issue: I have at times, more than five in four years, have th...
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