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I have a painful growth on the front of my knee. In 2012 I had a lipoma removed from the area. Within 2-3 years a new type of lump develo...
Good Day! I broke my tibia and fibula back in 1995. After about a month of not healing on its own, a rod was placed. Fast forward today, ...
Can ecu subluxation ever heal on its own without bracing?
I'm a 66 year old female. 15 months ago I had a torn meniscus repair. It was a very slow and painful recovery. I still have occasional...
I received the following MRI report. It looks really serious! It will take me weeks to get in to see my doctor again. How serious is this...
I’m 33 years old and have had hip pain for 6 months. My doctor thought it was bursitis from holding my kids on that side. I tried oral st...
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