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I have been on Fosamax for almost a year . In the last few months I have developed really bad heartburn. Zantac helps for a few hours bu...
Loss of bone density isn't entirely preventable, but modifying your diet and lifestyle can minimize the damage and avoid bone breakage do...
I am 29 and in good health but my doctor believes I may have osteoporosis/osteopenia. I have a healed pelvic fracture from December 20...
Hi, all. I am a 59 year old petite, postmenopausal, woman with osteoporosis. My lumbar spine score is -3.1 I do not want to use the m...
I'm a 59 y/o postmenopausal female that was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis with a T score of -3.2. Was sent to an endocrine doc and...
Hi, I'm 56 and male, and due to Dexa mineralometry revealing a state of osteopoenia my doctor prescribed me Vitamin d3 supplementation (...
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