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About 2 weeks ago, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Our baby’s quite healthy. He eats and sleeps well but one thing that’s bee...
I have a 7month day boy who has completely gone off his veg. He ate them before, may not have been completely fussed but still ate them. ...
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my boy is now almost 6 months old, circumcised at birth. Problem: The foreskin still covers the penis head when we open the diape...
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My youngest sister (20) has a 3 month old baby girl. My next younger sister (23) is careless while holding the baby. The mother, our pare...
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So, we have this precious baby. They are so adorable. We love them! Now what do we do with them? ha ha. They have more going on inside...
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If you already had a child at home, how did your older child react to your new baby coming home with you? :>) Did you do things to get ...
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So we've decided to circumcis our baby boy. My mother in law in a total bit** saying that me and my husband are stupid for doing it. She ...
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Mommies with boys... Did you get your little one circumsized ? How did you have the guts to do it? How long were they in pain for? H...
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My 4 month old baby has developed a curve in his spine where one side of his body is slightly pushing out more than the other. X-ray i...
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Has anyone else decided to skip the circumcision? what were the reasons for you?
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Maybe we can start a list for places you can go and things you can do with a newborn to help get new mama's and babies out of the house. ...
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would you choose a male pediatrician or a female pediatrician? Why?
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Hi, I'm a Ftm and I'm 34 weeks pregnant with a boy. My question is since I'm having a boy would it best to have a male pediatrician?
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My baby is 3 weeks old and is having running nose and white mucus discharge. It happens especially at night
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Happy anniversary to lyshabob- your Community Leader! Please take a moment to reach out to lyshabob, and give a shout out for how much y...
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Shes fine with infamil gentlelease formula,but it is only sold in the united states.Here in mexico she cant tolerate other milks and i wi...
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She is having severe fever too
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Hi mommies, my baby is one month nd 16 days now, but she is slim nd tiny, plz suggest me how I can make her healthy or little chubby...
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My daughter is just over a month old now and we have added formula to her feedings as i'm not having enough milk for only breast feeding ...
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Its my 1st baby, and he eating babyfood already plus his formula milk. But i want to have a feeding schedule for both but not sure whats...
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