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Ive been doing some research vaccinating and I feel like some of them will do more harm than good. There alot ingredients in them that ma...
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So my 1 year old son had already started sleeping through the night and if he woke up he would just need to feel that i was next to him a...
My family wants to come visit when the baby is a month old as it works in their schedule best. They are 4 states away and honestly I mis...
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hi all, I'm and only child and have a delightful eight month old son. I was stunned to discover I have conceived again, before baby was s...
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Im 9 weeks pregnant but i also have a one year old were trying to get him off the paci but its soo hard to do it i can stand to hear him ...
Okay , so my baby has light hair , light eyebrows , & light colored eye lashes , but neither me or her dad has it . Why is this ? I mean ...
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i have a 2 weeks old that suppose to be eating 2oz , but she eats 4oz & still looks for more . whay does this mean ? She likee to eat ?
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Has anyone let they child get the hepatitis b shot ??
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Hi ladies. My daughter is 1 week and 4 days old. I really want to start back attending church but I'm not sure about how soon I should ta...
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Hello ladies, I missed my newborns fist check up because it was raining bad and I had no one help me carry her around, she was only 3 day...
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Im concerned about when it comes to parenting the baby cause everyone has ways but no one will ever be right so that scares me cause im i...
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For those of you who are having boys, What's your feelings on circumcising? It's a 100% personal choice but just want to know everybodys ...
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so somebody called cyfd on me saying that I don't take care of my daughter right. I'm a teen mom and I know its really hard but I do anyt...
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I'd what's wrong with him I'm 7 weeks pregnant and since finding out its like he knows and isn't very happy about it for the last few wee...
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My son is 2 weeks n 4 days. He cries sooooooooo much I think he has a problem burping after feeds, I've given him gripe water n still it ...
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Asking for myself and sister. We both live in the Houston area and have young children. This app coordinates private swimming lessons at ...
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I'm back to work after being at home for 12 weeks with my newborn. I miss him terribly!! How can I adjust to to adding work back into the...
Anyone not give or get there baby and themselves this vaccinations.. I do not want my child getting neither..any thoughts
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I have a one yr old and just found out I am expecting again. Was wondering if anyone had advice or tips on how to handle an infant while ...
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I had my baby boy 3 days ago.. Today he got circumcised and had to get stitches. Has any one else had this experience??? Please help.
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