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Hi, We've recently opened two online "Playgroups" and a "New Parents" Community! Our Playgroups are Babies: 0-6 mos and Babies: 6 m...
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I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have been having some blood every day now can be anything from pink to brown to red, don't get any cramps but j...
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Just wondering if other women have this problem and would like to know the out come. I had a MC last year and it was at 5wks. This time I...
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Ok, so I'm 9 weeks pregnant & my OB doc. told me I have low Amniotic Fluid, he said to look for spotting & cramping but wouldn't get into...
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I havnt had my period since november I am sexually active my partner and I have had unprotected sex a couple of time in December and Janu...
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I hav 12 week pregnancy n hav Low amniotic fluid in first trimester without having discharge n any abnormility......plz help me for remed...
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Well my doctor prescribed vicodin, 3 a day, 5/500, for my sciatic pain. Now I am 20 days away from delivery and he's saying its possible...
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Im so confused. This is my 2nd pregnancy, my first one had no complications. I started bleeding a couple weeks ago. Its a moderate amou...
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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and moving this week, all the walls in the place we are moving to are stark white ( which I despise) I really want t...
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Anyone feeling as though they are abnormally big? LOL, perhaps we all do. Anyhow, my stomach is huge, I am right from underneath my brea...
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I'm 32.5 weeks pregnant and lately noticed 'sometimes' when she moves in certain areas, it hurts. I can tell it feels like stretching mus...
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okay I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and this actually started when my mothers fully grown black lab very hard laid her head on the top part of my...
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Well im 2 months late having all the symptoms of pregnancy but not showing on home pregnancy test and i look prego
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HELLO I HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY PERIOD SINCE MAY OF 2011 and i have breast milk and my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. i have taken s...
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I start my shots tomorrow. Is anyone else doing the shots? Any side effects?
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hey i am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant and experienced spotting for about 5 days then went for a scan and there was a heartbeat but there w...
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Check out the newest app, the Baby Bump App, where you can upload photos of your baby bump for all 40 weeks of your pregnancy. You'll als...
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My 33yr old cousin had gastic bypass three years ago. She presented at the hospital with severe abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. ...
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Hi! Im new here. Im 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant for our First baby. I just had my Ultrasound last June 9,2010 and ive found out that my ...
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