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Low amniotic fluid in first trimester? HELP!

Ok, so I'm 9 weeks pregnant & my OB doc. told me I have low Amniotic Fluid, he said to look for spotting & cramping but wouldn't get into detail. How risky is this & what info do I need to know? Has anyone had this before? I have a history of miscarriages & really need help.
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I don't know anything about it, but the research on line says that it's relatively rare to have this in the first or early part of the second trimester.  It can lead to miscarriage, so that's why he's monitoring you, I'm sure!

Good luck and try to keep the faith that it will all work out okay.  I wish I had better news to share....
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Thats the thing, he just told me the signs of a misc. but won't be seing me in 3 weeks & won't be giving me another sonogogram till the next visit after that( in 7 weeks total). Should I get a new doctor?
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No, you dont need to get a new doctor. There is really nothing they can do for low amniotic fluid...it just happens. Make sure you drink LOTS of fluids.....and take warm (not hot baths). That can help your AFI (amniotic fluid index) go up. It is rare to happen in the first trimester and leads to miscarraiges, its more common in the last trimester.

hang in there girl.. let us know how you make out!
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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I don't have any experience with low fluid in early pregnancy, but I had a hole TON of problems starting in my first trimester with my son... they gave me a 50% m/c rate at 11 weeks, but here he is at 18 months perfectly happy and healthy!! My experience with Dr's is that they are just that... Dr's... VERY clinical... but very few have that great bedside manner that we really need when problems like this arise. Try finding a support group online... talk to other women with your problem... when I did this (although my problem was different than yours) I found that personal success rates were MUCH greater than the statisics!! Also, if you are not comfortable with your Dr. it is your right to find someone that you are comfortable with... who will spend the time to talk to you, give you the answers that you need, and help you do what makes you feel best... more ultrasounds, more frequent visits, etc... Maybe try finding an office with a midwife? From my experience they are MUCH more understanding and willing to work with you!! Best of Luck to you!! Please keep us updated!! (((HUGS)))
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I found a nurse helpline & will be getting a call in an hour, hope she is help. I'm so scared & I really don't know anything about it & can't research it because my computer won't let me look stuff up for some reason.
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So, she told me I need to talk to the doctor & see if he will give me a sono. next visit & talk to me more about it & if he doesn't want to, then get a new doctor ASAP. She said I should be categorized as high risk & there is no reason why he he should be anything but cautious about the whole thing & def. should have explained to me what is going on. So needless to say, I still got no info but know my doctor isn't doing his job like he should!
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I was trying to do some research for you, I didnt really find a ton of helpful information on low fluid levels in the first trimester, but what I did find is that you don't even really start producing fluid until around 8 weeks or so, is there ANY possibility that your dates are off? Also is it possible that since fluid levels are not abundent right now anyway that you are just on the "low side of normal"?
I also wanted to let you know of a site that is for high risk pregnancies, it provides LOTS of support for women who are on bedrest or high risk, by way of a personal buddy who has been through some of the things that you are going through. There are also message boards and chat rooms to talk to other high risk mommies. The site is called sidelines. I think it is www.sidelines.org.
Please keep us updated! Let us know what your Dr. says or if you decide to start looking for a new Dr. (((hugs)))
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i am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant , i had a scan 2 days ago as i had been spotting for a few days they said there is reduced/abnormal amount of amniotic fluid but there was a heartbeat...the doctor said the chances of miscarriage were high then yesterday i started bleeding more heavily...i have another scan tomorrow afternoon to check the fluid levels...i am really scared :-(
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I am so sorry to hear your problems. I too am having the same problem. Doc told me after todays ultrasound that hes not too happy to see the fluid which is less. What happened to you guys after the scan? I hope things worked out good for both of you. Please update if possible. By the way im 6 weeks 4 days. Hormone levels are good but I have been spotting for the past 2 weeks.
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Hi,I'm experiencing the same thing had light brownish spotting had hoped it would go but it hasn't as days have gone by the brownish has turned to red with small blood clots no pain or cramps and no feeling of pregnancy.today went for a scan seen a little heartbeat cried my eyes out was thinking of the worst still am I dnt no what to expect.there was hardly any fluid in there,so they don't no weather my baby will survive im praying he/she will
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So does anyone know the out come of the stories? I'm 8wks and my doctor says my fluid is low but hasn't sad anything else. I'm also having light bright bleeding and lots of cramping. Can someone please help?
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Has everything worked out for you?  I have just had a scan and was told I was low on fluid and high risk of miscarriage, got to go back after 2 weeks, this is my 2nd pregnancy, had a miscarriage last time but didnt get to heart beat stage, dont know whether to laugh or cry!
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