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Hi, I'm a 17yr male teenager. I ejaculated for the first time the previous week and sperm came out within 5 minutes and it felt really go...
I am male and 16 and for the last two weeks I am starting to get an ache in the area between my penis and my bum after I have orgasms. It...
I’m a male teenager and like shoving stuff up my butt while masturbating. I’ve done it a couple of times, the object in question is no lo...
My wife and I have been married for 25 years, up until about 6 months ago, sex was maybe 2 times in a month. Since then it has grown to a...
when i look up porn i mostly see masturbating with showerheads or sticking ur finger in but for me it does not feel good even though I've...
Some girls I know talked about using a shower head to masturbate in a group chat I’m in. So I tried it but it didn’t feel good. They aske...
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Millions of people are diagnosed with STDs in the U.S. each year.
STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
Syphilis is an STD that is transmitted by oral, genital and anal sex.
Discharge often isn't normal, and could mean an infection or an STD.
STDs aren't transmitted through clothing. Fabric is a germ barrier.
Normal vaginal discharge varies in color, smell, texture and amount.