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I am having a dull consistent abdomen discomfort for the last 1 year. I dont feel it while sleeping but feel it through out when awake. I...
I just got my report from recent pet-scan and it’s showing a single markedly hyper metabolic periaortic lymph node size of 0.6 cm in shor...
I have been dealing with constipation now for 3 weeks. It started off with me only making small deposits into the toilet(like little pebb...
My stomach bilge gas, has always been a meal also can appear sometimes sore throat symptoms of the foreign body sensation, this may be a ...
Hi I am 13 years old. My stomach has been feeling really weird lately. Here is what I have/feel ... gas, conctipation, nausea, sore breas...
I wish I didn't feel like this and my anxiety is starting to get the best of me. I can't sleep, I can't eat and all day long my stomach i...
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