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Review: The Dukan Diet


By Katie Lewin


Carbs have a new nemesis and his name is Dr. Pierre Dukan. His signature four-step, low-carb diet promises to keep weight off “forever” through the reduction of carbohydrates, fat and oil coupled with strikingly specific rules like a daily dose of oat bran. Lean protein is encouraged, as is daily exercise (i.e. walking 20 minutes each day).

The Theory: French physician Pierre Dukan claims that everyone has a realistic number that can be calculated as their “true weight,” which they can achieve and maintain indefinitely with four rigorous phases, the first two for losing weight and the second two for stabilizing it.

Pros: Unlike other low-carb plans that can cause constipation, the Dukan diet keeps its followers regular with its devotion to oat bran. This diet also encourages daily exercise, which helps with weight loss and overall health.  

Cons: The limited intake of fruits, healthy fat and whole grains this diet advocates is a potential problem. Its four-phase plan is needlessly complicated and seems like a nitpicky process for simple carb-reduction.

Bottom Line: The Dukan Diet raises some worthwhile points about moderation and daily exercise but doesn’t differentiate between healthy and unhealthy carbs. Take this diet with a grain of salt — or a slice of whole-wheat bread!


Published January 5, 2015. 


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