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Does anyone have a kid with ADHD and an IEP? I've been reading through various articles and law regarding IEP, not much mention of 504 Plan though.

Seems like my son might qualify because of his serious ADHD, emotional trauma and health issues. We have a meeting set for August 19th, 2010.
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    I have worked with a lot of kids with ADHD and have sat through many IEP meetings.  Just on the very brief description you have given he certainly will get a 504.  Kids don't usually qualify for an IEP if all they have is ADHD, however the emotional trauma and health issues might certainly qualify him.
    You might want to buy the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.  All of chapter 4 is about 504's and IEP's.  There is also a lot of great info on working with ADHD kids.  Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please get back to us.
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My son has had a 504 Plan since October, 2008. The elementary school cooperated, although with a bit of resistance at first. But they did get on the ball and implement strategies and accommodations to help my son! I was very pleased with the way they handled my son's 504 Plan.

The first junior high school was different ... I had to be very firm and remind everyone of my son's 504 Plan, and insist that they follow the 504 Plan to help my son. They were not as helpful as the previous school, but still marginally acceptable.

The new junior high school has been a nightmare! I asked for help many times. Reminded all of my son's seven teachers and the principal that my son has a 504 Plan, and asked everyone to review it and make the necessary accommodations to help my son.

My son missed quite a few days of school (18), but is quite capable of making up all of the work. I requested help from the school many times over several months, but my son ended up failing 7th grade. The school did NOT follow his 504 Plan.

At the last meeting, June 2nd, to review my son's 504 Plan and set up a meeting to evaluate my son for an IEP, the Resource Specialist insisted that a 504 Plan is a very powerful tool, and that my son's 504 Plan was very good. Then he removed 12 items from my son's existing 504 Plan, saying that he wants to experiment and see what works!

My son was very upset to find out they had removed many items from his 504 Plan, and wants those items to be added back to his 504 Plan. I hope that we can do that at the next meeting, August 19th, and also get the evaluation process going quickly .... .

I've seen so many kids fall through the cracks .... Sometimes taking years before the kids get the help they need.
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I forgot to mention that the Resource Specialist and one of the other professionals present at the last meeting tried to talk me out of having my son evaluated. I was told by a Special Education teacher that they would try to talk me out of the evaluation. She was correct!

They seem to really not care about my son's problems, and try to place the blame and responsibility on myself and my son. The Resource Specialist's final words are that my son basically just needs to get his act together, pull himself up by the bootstraps and figure out how to help himself and deal with his ADHD issues ... Not acceptable in my book!

My son has serious problems with executive functions, which seriously limits his ability to control himself. He really does need serious interventions, strategies and accommodations to help him in school.
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   The trouble with 504's is that they are not as child protective as an IEP.  Ashley, in the book I recommended, says that if you believe your child has been denied accommodations and modifications, you have a right to appeal this decision to the school.   On page 78 she gives the steps to begin the appeal process.
   I would think that since your son has has now failed 7th. grade, you have  evidence that the school is not following the modifications.  You might even request an evaluation for a special education designation  (IEP's are much better), since obviously he has not been able to deal with the normal education process with his disability.  Either way, in writing, to the school principal with copies to the school board I would request an appeal of his 504 based on the schools failure to follow his present one and his subsequent failure in 7 grade.    Or skip that step and go directly to a written request for a special ed. evaluation.  If that is denied, Ashley on page 87, gives directions on how to appeal.  You might also see if there is a special education advocate in your community to advise and help you (although some can be costly).

    OK, I went back and reread your paragraph when you talked about the Aug 19 meeting.   Not exactly sure what the purpose is for.  If you haven't done so, I would definitely request in writing the special ed evaluation.  If your only request has been an oral one to the resource specialist, its too easy for them to ignore you.  It does sound like he needs the protection of special ed and an IEP.
   Finally, the fact that the school has chosen to fail your son and have chosen to not follow his initial 504 and even change it would suggest that you have a right to be upset.
I do think that this will be a bit complicated and certainly think it is worth either getting the book I mentioned or looking for a advocate.  
   Hope some of this is helpful.  Good luck
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I got a call today from a lady who will be acting as my advocate! I know her from when my boys were both receiving counseling and therapy. I am very confident that she will be a good advocate! She is quite involved with counseling, and has many years experience with these matters.

I will be meeting with her on Monday. She is coming out to our home and will go over the paperwork and gather more details of our case. She told me that my son should qualify for an IEP.
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I did submit a letter (four letters actually) to the school requesting an evaluation for my son. We had a meeting June 2nd to go over my son's existing 504 Plan, at which time they tried to talk me out of having my son evaluated!

I insisted that I want my son evaluated. The August 19th meeting is to start the evaluation process ....
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   Fantastic, I think she will be needed!   Still think the book I mentioned is worth getting as it has  a lot of valuable ideas for working with kids with ADHD.  Good Luck!
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Thanks for recommending the book. I just ordered it from Amazon.
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