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ADHD and Febrile Seizures...are Meds okay?

My son, 3.5 years old, has had 3 febrile seizures...first at 14 months (6 min grand mal), 2nd at 3 years old (3 min. grand mal), and the 3rd and 3.5 years old (partial).  He also at 3.5 has recently been diagnosed with ADHD with a bit of ODD in the mix.  Could there be a connection with the febrile seizures and the ADHD?  Due to the febrile seizures, would it be appropriate to use meds for the ADHD or should we wait until he hasn't had one for a certain duration?  If using meds is safe at this point for the ADHD, are any better for kids who have had febrile seizures or not safe for them at all?  Should we pursue an EEG before we go further?  He's been seen by a neurologist recently, who referred to his original CT scan from his first seizure and said it "looked okay."  Thanks for any input.  :)
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It seem inappropriate to diagnose a 3.5-year-old with ADD, especially since he has some other problem that may confuse the issue. The drugs they give for ADD are not harmless. Be warned.
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