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Confused about ADD ADHD child

My son will be 8 in NOvember and has never been a problem child allways followed directions and rules at home. He has always been nasal sounding with bags under his eyes he has a very good diet and I make sure that groceries are scrutionised for preservatives. WHen he started shoool at 5 he had  a few settling in problems and then all was OK he definatley delayed in learning. Started phonetics really late at 6 years old. High expectations in the school have continuesd to pressure our family.. He is a good kid not violent at all, shy rather and has recently started coming out of his shell. His year 1 teacher started mentioning wheter his inattention and lack of focus could be ADHD or ADD. i am ant medication as i can easily control him and at home and with his tutor out of school he is good. He also plays team sport 2 times a week and has had no problems there. I keep on getting this ADD/ADHD thing from school only...
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my 5th grade teacher told my mom i had ADD. i wasnt wild or out of control or bad or anything.  i just couldnt concentrate in school.  i was also easily upset, like bad anxiety and i slept walked alot.  they put me on Ritalin and i did a 180!  grades went up, i was happier, etc.  Medicating a child isnt always the answer, but sometimes it is and it can help.  get an assesment from a psych.
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You mention nasal sound and bags under his eyes. Does he have his tonsils and/or denoids? Check out online stuff about the behavior/ inattention problems that occur from chronic sleep apnea/ disturbance caused by enlarged adenoids/ tonsils.   This is not wacked out science stuff, its mainstream medicine.

In several studies of children with an ADHD diagnosis and enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils, removal of these organs resulted in dramatically improved attention and behavior. In fact, in several studies, 50% of the children diagnoses with ADHD, who underwent the surgeries, 6 months later did not meet the criteria for ADHD.

My son has been diagnosed with mild ADHD. And maybe indeed he has it. But he also has chronic sinus infections, sniffles all the time, started getting ear infections again, and has trouble sleeping through the night (although no problems falling asleep.) He is going to see a specialist about his adenoids and tonsils-- and make no mistake I will be discussing his ADHD-like behavior when I go there.

Have you discussed the bags and nasal sound with his pediatrician with regards to this?

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