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Strattera is not helping as much as the amphetamine adhd meds

I am 71  and I have suspected I have ADHD since I was a kid. I just did not know what the name for it was. My teachers always asked my mom why I never paid attention and the first time I felt normal was when I was introduced to diet pills. I recently told my psychiatrist if I didn't get a hold of myself and start focusing I was going to be homeless in a few weeks cuz I hadn't started a job I need for the rent. I spent a couple years on the streets and I think all the time I have had untreated ADHD contributed to a lot of the bad luck I have had my entire life. Anyway my Doc gave me Strattera and the 3rd day on it I felt dizzy and confused, I felt over anxious and felt like I was loosing my mind. I had been on dexadrine years ago for depression after a hysterectomy at age 27 and I told him that my life came together on it but he gave me Strattera.  I told him I really wasn't feeling the Strattera and could i please get enough adderal until the Strattera kicked in. He originally had boo hooed any narcotic adhd meds. But he gave me enough for a week.  When I took the amphetamine I immediately felt relief and I am at an age where I am pretty sure what my body needs and I don't want to play around with newer drugs with side effects I am afraid of. i know how the amphetamine adhd meds makes me feel and I am working now and doing fine but in a few days I will be out. I won't meet him (my psychiatrist)for another month. How can I get him to let me be on adderal instead of Strattera when he is afraid I will get addicted? I don't care if it's addicting, I want to live out my life focused and able to work, not dizzy and constipated on the streets where Strattera will lead me I am afraid. Some people are different than others. Why is he limiting me to Stratterra? Is it because of my age? I hate to say this but I have sought out street drugs before to help this condition and I know the dangers of doing rat poison.
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i feel you. The struggle you are going through your whole life. And sure you need that medication what really helps you.
Maybe he get in troubles if he prescribe amphetamine and without a medical diagnosis in written form the doctors in my country (germany) wouldn't give me for example my medication.
Is there a chance to get a term  for a diagnostic investigation? Can you get fast an appointment with another doc?
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