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Looking for answers.

I have been suffering from sleep paralysis since I was 14 or 15 from what I can remember, In the last year it has become more severe than usual could this be in any way related to adhd?
I have recently discovered that my dad suffered from sleep paralysis alot too, so I figured it could be hereditary, then a couple of days ago my 10 year old son complained of a nightmare that discribed sleep paralysis almost to the tee, he was diagnosed with adhd at the age of six, are these things all linked and if so what can I do to cure my sleep disorder,
I recently went through a checklist on a website where the fresults were:strong tendency's towards adhd.
Also if you are an adult of 32 with adhd, what are the affects alcahol has on you, I dont have a tendency to drink everyday of my life although I was addicted to drugs and alcahol for a while, but not anymore, yet I find that when I do go out with friends I usually dont know when too stop and always end up drinking myself sick or picking unnesary fights with the people around me, alot of my friends say that they get scared of me when i drink too much.
I usually have absolutely no recollection of my action at the time, its not even fague memory, and I always agrue the point that I hardly had anything too drink and non of what anyone tells me is true.
Please Help!
I am desperate for any kind of answers.
My personal life is a disastor because of this and my fiance is in need of a good nights rest without worrying about me waking him up 10 to 15 times a night due to sleep paralysis.
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I am not a Doctor , but my son has a hard time with sleeping and he has Seizures .His Seizures started in his sleep and I would have not none it if a nurse at the School didn't say something to me. And my son was on drugs for add and adhd and the side effects to the drugs was Seizures.

I would get to see a Neurologist and they can do a sleep study and a EEG on you and your son to make sure that it has nothing to do with your brain.

do you find your son or has anyone every told you that you twitch in your sleep or eyes roll up? Or do you find your self wanting to sleep during the day ?
Stare and not hear what is being said to you or do things that you or our son not know you do ?

And not all seizures can be seen ,some can only be seen threw a EEG.

not everything is add or adhd .So other things should be looked into.Even blood levels should be checked.

Try taken Vitamin B6 50MG And Omega 3-6-9  for you and your son.They are good for everyone to take because our proteins get eaten up by our Vitamin B6 intake.

Hope this helps you .
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