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Reaching Out - Undiagnosed Behavioral Disorder

I am reaching out in search of a cure for my adolescent sister.  She was diagnosed as having a "not otherwise specified" behavioral disorder.  After 15 years' worth of doctor visits, tests, and appointments, I know that reaching out to the internet is a long shot but I am willing to do anything to find her a cure, or at least a diagnosis.
I'll start at the beginning.
When she was born, Crystal [alias name used for privacy] had a dislocated hip.  She was in a cast for awhile as an infant, and made a full recovery.  She had delayed speech skills, and was diagnosed with speech apraxia at the age of 3.  She also had delayed motor skills, and went through I believe 6 or 7 years of speech and occupational therapy.  Around the age of 9, she went through early onset puberty and also began showing signs of severe behavioral issues.  She was diagnosed with ADHD and we were told that she registered on the autism spectrum.  She has few friends, and struggles with anger problems.  She is unable to gauge social situations, and is severely overweight.  Her worst symptom currently is vivid hallucinations of harming animals/other people when she gets angry.  She is also developmentally delayed, and behaves like a child much younger than herself quite often.  She has severe anxiety, and sensory overload issues.  Also wets the bed occasionally still.
If this reminds you of someone you know, or a disorder you are familiar with, please let me know.  We will do anything for her.
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This is psychotic behavior. I don't know how old she is but hallucinations occur when someone is schizophrenic. Schizophrenia can present at late adolescence and occurs more often than the average person may think. Staying on medications  and following with a case worker will keep her in check.  
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