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Should I get my 6 year old tested for ADHD?

My son is 6 year old and in Kindergarten. At school he is calm. Pays attention. Has no problem learning. He's a good student. But as soon as he gets home he is hyper until bedtime! He has always been a hyper child but he can also sit down and focus when he knows he has to. So I am completely confused. At home he shows signs of ADHD or ADD but at school he doesn't. What could it be? He tells me he knows school is for learning so he don't want to be hyper there. But why is he so hyper at home? It makes me feel like something is wrong. Help!
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To get an ADHD diagnosis, you have to show the symptoms in two different places.   So I tend to doubt that he would qualify.  Also 6 year old boys can be very active.  Especially when they have been stuck in school for many hours.  They just need to get it out of their system.  The best thing for him and you is to find something very active that he can do after school.   If he can burn up that energy, he will be very different at home.  
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