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Teen diagnosed ADD, Dysgraphia...help!

My son just turned 17 and in the past 7 weeks he has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder- inattentive type and Dysgraphia.  Also, his neuropsych testing revealed that his "cognitive processing" falls into the "significantly impaired" less than 1% range and his "working memory" also falls into the "significantly impaired" less than 1% range.

The psychologist that did the testing sent us to a psychiatrist first to try and determine if medication would help.  First one he tried was Intuniv and the second one he tried was Focalin.  My son had really adverse reactions to both of these medications that included numbness in face and arms, severe dizziness, dilated pupils and irregular heartbeat.  It was awful.......and that was only after one dose of each.  Both meds were tried a week apart from each other and both were given at a very low dose.  Doctor ordered an EEG and Brain MRI to make sure nothing else was going on that we were missing and both came back normal.

Now we are seeing a neurologist here in Austin and he has diagnosed him with Dysgraphia.  He wants me to start my son Vayarin which basically seems to be a type of Omega 3's that is by prescription only, Magnesium, Zinc and 20mg of Methylphinidate.  Also sending him for fine motor skill therapy and evaluation for possible problems with language acquisition.

Does all of this sound normal?  Never thought a doctor would prescribe the vitamins.  Is there anything else I should maybe be asking for or about?

I would greatly appreciate any help.  It is really hard with him being 17 and now a senior in high school.  I should have had him tested YEARS ago and quit letting teachers brush me off with "he's fine" and "you just worry too much"... :(

Thank you again,

Gina in Texas :)

I would appreciate any help.
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I was diagnosed with adhd and odd wen I was 4half im now 23 and still suffering with it.  Thought I would grow out of it but I haven't.  I struggle with concentration and im still quite childish ive not grown up that fast.  Im on methylphenidate and rispidone. X
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