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can anyone help please i am at the end and need advice, my daughter is 3 and i think she might have adhd or something like that, she is always getting into tempers which no one can control, screaming and shouting and hitting and lashing out, she dont sleep propley and dont really eat either, she is also very restless and can not sit still, i have heard that there is no piont taking her to the doctors or anything as they will not help til she is a least 5
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My niece went through this as well at 3 years old.  She does not have add or adhd and she is now 6.  She totally grew out of it in a year.  Sometimes children go through the terrible 2's, 3's or even 4's.  My son was 4 when he went through this.  There also could be other issues that may need consideration.

Was there something recently that has changed in her life or your family?

What does she do during the day?

Does she go to daycare or childcare facility?

Was there a recent divorce or breakup?

All of these questions could be the reason why she is acting this way.  I know my niece was going through her parents divorce and moving from Florida to Pennsylvania.  While also going through the terrible 3's.  If this is really a serious issues and you think that her health or yours could be in jeopardy, then you should really take her to the pediatrician for evaluation.  

And as far as ADD and ADHD is concerned, she is way too young to be diagnosed with this.  And if the doctor tells you this is the issue and wants to put her on meds, he is totally wrong.  A child under the age of 5 cannot handle the meds since they are too strong and their brains are not developed enough yet.  Most ADD and ADHD is not diagnosed until they are least in Kindergarten.  

Hope this helps.

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