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thinking about switching psyc

hi, i have adhd and had been on the meds for it for about a year when i had to switch doctors due to his continuous unavailablity. my new doctor took me off the meds and said the previous doctor should not have prescribed them to me because i have a seizure disorder, though the old doctor never bothered to have me see a nuerologist to find the cause, i actually noticed a decrease in the seizures when i started the adhd meds. the new doctor sent me to a nuerologist and helped me find a psyc to see if putting me back on the meds would be ok. after some tests including a 24hr eeg while on the meds my pcp and nuero doc were happy to say the meds had no effect on the seizures but my psyc had already made up his mind that i shouldnt be aloud to take them but agreed to put me on a dose for young children and told me that even if it doesnt help he'll never increase the dose. is it right of me to want to find a new psyc who wil listen to me and the other docs? i attend school and am unfortunatly doing poorly because of my inability to focus unless its hands on and the only dose he'll prescribe (10mg adderall x) doesnt work anymore, it only worked for the first week or two and i worry ive built up an immunity. what should i do?
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My first rule: Any doc who doesn't listen, I don't like, or doesn't meet my needs gets kicked to the curb..  A policy that is harder since our health plans that are available are more limited.

What about wellbutrin though?  I am a little sensitive to most (read almost every non antibiotic drug) but I have been doing well with the wellbutrin XL 150 and a wellbutrin 75 at lunch.  
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       Oh, that's a hard question.  While seizures are not listed in the side effects for stimulants.  It also clearly says don't give to people with seizure disorders.  That makes it kind of scary.  There are non stimulant meds  that might work for you, but they take a while to work if I remember correctly.  
      When you say psyc - do you mean a psychologist or a psychiatrist?  I think a psychiatrist's recommendations would be better.
       I have seen posts by other students that only took the meds when they really needed to concentrate - before a big test or cramming for one.  That way they seemed to avoid the immunity.
        Also make sure your school knows you have ADHD so you can possibly qualify for extra time on tests, etc.   Good luck
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Not all medications are necessarily good if you skip them.  Others can have very serious side affects as they rely upon a gradual build up within a persons body.
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That is very true, but not so for adderall as far as I know.  But its a good point - any change in medications should be done with the doctors knowledge and consent.
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I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV, but I don't understand why your psychiatrist and neurologist can't play well with with one another to find an optimum dose of stimulant medication while balancing seizure control at the same time.  It's called "coordination of care."  Perhaps your psychiatrist needs to look it up.  At the rate he or she is going now, he or she is not serving you well.  I think it's time for you to find a new psychiatrist.  

By the way, I take Vyvanse and have a seizure disorder.  When I started Vyvanse, my seizures increased (which can happen) and my psychiatrist and neurologist managed to make it all work.  It can be done.
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thanx for the input i have been considering asking him about vyvanse. by the way something i should have mentioned in my earlier post and is  why i feel he is being such and ignoramous, is that i havent have a seizure in almost two years, which is why my neuro doc was ok with the adhd meds and im not on seziure meds either. at first the worry was increased seizures even though i had explained it gave the opposite effect.
good luck with your seizures though i hope i dont have anymore, but i have come to terms that it will always be a possiblity.
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