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this site sucks!!!! ive poted 2 questions since the 12th and NO replies! WTF??

just what is says, from looking at this site it looked like an easy place to get answers to questions from peeps who are on the same meds, but *******!!! not one reply on either of my posts! ******! im not coming here anymore!!!
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Please remember that there are many open threads, and the topic is widespread. You might want to post on another realted thread to this topic.  Hang in there.  The internet is not the best place always to go to get help.  Self-diagnosis, or listening to the opinion of others is not always the answer to your needs and concerns.  Chill out, take a deep breath, do a little more research, and remember, the net is a wide world, and the odds ty of your message being replied to are very slim. I feel ya, but that is my experience.  thx.
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