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I'm scared, i don't know if i have ALS or not, panic attacks because of that.

i'm 21 years old. (I learned english by my own, so i apologize for any mistake)

2 months ago i had an Arrhythmia for like 4 days. After that, i had a problem in my neck, it was hard stand my head with my neck, and that came with Dizziness (it stoped after a week)

Now, i've had fasciculation for the past 10 days, i could not notice them at first i kind ignore them but then it becomes more "noisy", i felt like my veins were vibrating, and it happened all over my body, so i google about it and find out about the name "fasciculation" and then "ALS", i felt a lot of fear and i couldn't stand myself and started thinking about suicide, at this point the twitches becamed more "noisier and noisier"... I found a video about someone talking about how he had an Arrhythmia just like me and after that the twitches. He talked and said how after all he didn't have anything, everything  was stress and anxiety.

And i then noticed that just before the twitches i had two problems that caused me a lot of anxiety, because all my life i've suffer anxiety of everything, even just going outside, and that give me hope, and these twitches became more "silent" and not that "hard", "It was all because of my anxiety? or is just me giving me hope?" I wonder... but now i'm having panic attacks and i feel kind paranoic,i feel a portion of the left side of my face kinda sleepy and i'm starting to think that my left pinky and ring finger are staying to close to each other...i'm a mess right now.

I haven't feel any kind of pain with the twitches, and i think that they are more common in my left leg and left arm, but while i'm saying this i have also twitches in other parts of my body like the right left and the neck for example, so it could be just me being paranoic about it.

PD: I'm currently waiting for Cardiologist, psychologist, psychiatrist and an Brain electrocardiogram (The neurologist send me to make me some test, and then come again to her, but i didn't have twitches when i visited her)  and i've lost 40kg in a little bit more than a year, i'm currently 63kg (172cm), but i'm from Venezuela and there is a HUGE crisis of food and medicine/doctors (in the worst case scenario i won't be able to see a doctor so this website would be my only way to know  if i should be worry or not), everyone have lost weight here, but i did read that the ALS can make you lost weight so i'm very worried.
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