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Puzzled about muscle aches

I have been having really bad aches in my left arm when I do normal everyday things. My pinky fin ger and ring finger are very sensitive to hot and coldand I feel little darts of pain in them from time to time.I am so worried it is driving me mad. I also have tennis elbow in the other arm and sometimes tightness in my legs. Left arm is the most achy and shoulder too even up into jaw. Mri was clear wait ingredients on neuro appointed. A reply would be so appreciated struggling with the worry. Thanks
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Darting pain is never present in ALS, the only sensory symptom is constant stiffness late in the disease course. Heat sensitivity points to sensory nerve problems, which would exclude ALS. Some kind of peripheral neuropathy is possible, but those are almost always well manageable.
One more thing, when did you last have your blood sugar checked? Diabetes can cause similar symptoms
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