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Weak Immune system

I'm trying this forum as there seems to be no answer from my doctor.

I'm having one cold on top of another on top of another. It has been going on since November and the most I have managed without being ill is 2 weeks and that's because my daughter was home from school with chicken pox so we didn't get out much and she didn't bring anything home.

I've just had it. Most of the time I don't even get over one virus before the next one comes along. My immune system seems to be non-existent. If someone sneezes near me, I WILL catch it. My doctor says everything is fine. I've got hypithyroidism, but it's being controlled. I've also had lots of tests done due to recurrent miscarriage, but nothing has shown that should affect the immunesystem.

What can I do to boost my immune system. I'm so run down after having a constant cold for 7 months.

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Chinese medicine is very effective for strengthening your immune system.  A qualified Chinese medicine doctor can properly study your patterns and prescribe helpful herbal formulation to strengthen your immune system.

Hope this helps.

Charles Peri OMD
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