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Do these results look like cancer?

I had a few blood tests done at my physical and seen a couple levels that were a little high and I’m not sure if I should be worried or not.

I was recently on 3 months of antibiotics because they thought I had bacterial prostatitis, so after taking all those antibiotics it can’t be an infection. I have read long use of antibiotics can cause inflammation. I’ve also gained about 85 pounds in the last 8 months due to anxiety/depression, overeating and being home as I was laid off work. My tryglisoroids are now high also due to eating. I also have been having major anxiety etc. not sure if these could be a factor in the higher test range.

The one I’m concerned about the most is the Immature Granulocyte Automated and the Absolute Count. My individual and total white blood cells are not high.

My CBC in 2014 as well as November 2020 showed Immature Granulocyte automated at 0.3 and now it shows up as 0.9.

Immature Granulocyte Automated- 0.9 (Normal Range 0.0-0.6)
Immature Granulocyte Absolute- 0.05 (Normal Range 0.00-0.05)
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