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Split dosing on methadone maintainance from metabolizing to fast

So I've been on methadone through a methadone clinic for just over 2 years. I had an issue finding a dose that would keep me well through out the day and was increasing my dose quite frequently (I'm now up to 165mg). So the doc at the clinic finally explained to me that it was possibly due to a very very uncommon issue where the body metabolizes the med way faster than normal, and that there was a blood test called peak and troth and that he would make arrangements to have me tested. So when the results came back they showed that to be the case and the doc told me that to remedy this issue I would have to split my dose and take it twice a day instead of just the one morning dose. So now instead of taking the full 165mgs, I'm  taking 82.5 in the morning and I'm supposed to wait 12 hours for the second, but this isn't working for me as far as being able to get totally well from that first dose. When I spoke to my drug councilor and the dosing nurse they both made mention of my "addict mind" being responsible for that, and that I'm still getting the full dose so I shouldn't be experiencing any discomfort. So I guess my question is if I'm only taking half my dose and its getting metabolized out of my system within 12 hours and then I take the other half, am I not only getting that smallto try to get well on?  And if so, how is that suppose to work when it has taken the full 165mgs to get me well up to this point? When I've asked about this at the clinic people look at me as if I'm missing something about the explanation but I don't know why?  So if there is anyone that is on split dosage as well or knows anything about it that may help me, I would greatly appreciate your comments.
Thank you, Kristy
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