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Dr. Shopping

Please help!  I am from Illinois and over the past year I have seen 10 different doctors for back and knee pain mainly due to the fact that i have not found a regular doctor I like and it is very frustrating.  To make it easier on me I go to urgent cares whenever I am not feeling good and they always prescribe me vicodin for the temporarily pain relief.  It is fast, convenient and easy. I am learing the consequences now.   I am not an addict and truly take the medicine for pain.  I recently made a dentist appointment and my dr. informed me that a letter went out and he asked me if I was okay and if I need help. I was very taken back by this.  As I look back at my records I didn't realize over time how much the doctors and prescriptions can add up and can see where this would be considered a red flag.  I am reading horror stories of being arrested and charged with dr. shopping and I am scared to death right now.  Can someone please calm my nerves and tell me that I am overreacting?   I plan to find one doctor and stick with him/her as I learned my lesson.  Is this letter just a warning?   I truly was not Dr. shopping.  
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You said you go to Urgent Care as it is easier on you...what do you mean by that?  Are you getting vicodin from all the doctors?
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What is it that you are not liking about these doctors you've seen?  Are they saying something or doing something that offends you?  

I understand trying to find a doctor that you like, but a health problem is a health problem and sucking down prescription pain pills doesn't solve anything.  Of course it would look like a red flag if you've seen numerous doctors and they've all prescribed vics.....
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