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help with reducing methadone

i am reducing from 85 mls of methadone to 0,i am on 65 mls at moment would like to hear from anybody who has got clean to motivate me with there stories  
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Are you still with us.
You posted this in the Social..Go to the Substance Abuse Community and you will get help there.
I came off Methadone, plus 2 other meds back in 2012. I have 5yrs this month. Here to help in anyway I can. There is SO much to this. Try to taper very slowly and give your Body & Brain time to adjust to each drop. Drink tons of fluids to help rid the med and also eat healthy and take some good vit/min. Get your immune system up. I can help you get through the w/ds by suggesting more things. Let me know if you are still here.
Bless & Good going!
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