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neighbor house pours out smell of chemicals and burnt rubber

I think the neighbors are cooking meth. I will open the back door at times and there is a smell of burning rubber that is sooo strong I can't be outside for long. It gets in my throats, burns it. It annoys me so much that i can't put up my pool or at times even sit in the back yard. Now that covid is gone, they have started up again and i think it comes from their bathroom and the vent in the basement, dryer vent. Is that possible? Why just this side of their house? It smells like an old car laid rubber for a block and that the engine was burning, and add to that mixture of chemical smells with it. They often have huge fires in the back and never, not once, has it smelled like a normal fire that you can enjoy.  Do you think it is meth?
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Regardless of what it is I would still call the local sheriff and have them come look. My neighbor burns his trash (plastics and all!!!) And it smokes up our whole street. They're not supposed to do that!
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Call the police.
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