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Afraid of addiction

I am a recovering methamphetamine addict. 5 years clean, and fortunately for me no desire to use again. My issue now happens to be severe leg and back pain. Just had my first knee surgery today and looking at pain surgery soon as well. My question is about the pain medication that my Dr has prescribed me. First was Percocet 10/650, 1 pill every 12 hours, last week he changed it to Oxycodone hcl 5 mg 2 tablets (10mg) twice a day, and then today after the knee surgery he has given me tylenol 3 w/ codeine. I take my pain pills very rarely. I have had chronic back pain for so long that I have learned to live with it. And I believe that I do this for fear of addiction. At times I have only taken a total of 20mg percocet in a week. But I am starting to get tired of being in constant pain, it has affected the quality of my life. So If I were to start taking these on a daily basis, which ones are going to be the safest yet most effective for my pain? Any suggestions?
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Hi, I am a methamphetamine ex addict, been clean for 8 years. All I can say, is that like with what is happening to me right now as I type, I am going through a lot of pain and it is mostly my brain wanting more pills. I will be going through 4 to 5 days of hell starting sometime tonight. People here are great for information and support. IF, you have not already started taking enough to make it where you go through withdraws, please, please don't. I understand you have legit pain, but you cutting back might have your brain going "nuh uhhhh" we want more medication. If you need pain pills, you do, but if you don't need it and can get by with IB 800 (motrin 800), please, do it. You don't want to be where I am right now, it *****. My wife and some fine people on here are helping me, but............it's not worth it. Remember what it was like to come down on speed, now imagine that lasting 5 days and then having small after effects for up to a month. Please, please, please, if you don't absolutely need narcotic pain medication, don't take it.

The rest of the people here can give you more of informational answers, I can just give you the "from experience" answer.

Also, you have been around the block like I have, I didn't think if I could kick speed, that anything else could be a problem............I was wrong. I took the medication like I was supposed to, but it didn't matter, I took it LONG enough for it to take it's toll.

Oh, and I am not being over dramatic.
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up you go (post that is)
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Hi there.  Sometimes, pain is just pain and there is no sinister, self delusion tricking our minds to take a narcotic painkiller unnecessarily.  .

It must be awful being in so much pain on a daily basis but from what i read of your post, i fail to see anything that would qualify as abuse. I recognise your past addiction to methamphetamine and commend you for being so cautious with regards to your use of narcotic painkillers. As long as you remain vigilant and aware of the potential for abuse, i feel you are entitled to a reprieve from the daily burden of an unresolved pain condition.

I  suggest the safest medication for you to take would be the one that works. There is no point taking medicine that doesnt achieve the desired effect. Your question should really be discussed with a doctor along with your concerns about addiction.

Good luck. Regards Jeremy
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Cathy~~  You just had surgery today!!  For goodness sake,take some pain med...I really can't say which one would be BEST for your pain but take something. The 5mg oxycodone
x2 twice a day sounds like it would cover your post op pain. I think you need to get through your post op recovery and then address the chronic pain issues with your doctor.

The benefit will out weigh the risk in this situation. We're talking about quality of daily life.
It doesn't sound like you abuse your meds right now so get on top of that post op pain before it gets out of control. Then,yes,speak with your doctor about all of your concerns.

Good luck!
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Cathy, I am sorry, I read your post wrong. I did not see the "today" part. I can understand why you would need pain medication. Taking the pain medication will help and whatever helps the pain right now is good. I just misread and was afraid you had already started taking a lot. I jumped the gun and apologize for that. You should not feel bad for taking something to help your suffering.

Obviously, you are aware of the dangers, and maam, my hats off to you, because I thought I was wise enough to not get caught up again in something. This tells me that you should have no problem keeping it where it needs to be. Please keep us updated with how your knee is doing.
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Thanks to everyone for their replys. I did take a T3 last night before bed and about 3:00 am I took an oxycodone. I hope it is not bad mixing the two different types. Once the post op surgery goes away I am sure things will go back to normal until it is time for the back surgery. And normal for me even with the constant daily back pain is 5 mg oxycodone 2-3 times a week. I am afraid to take them every day, even just at 5 mg a day....afraid that my body will then "need" them every day, or my mind will convince me that it does. Am I safe doing it this way...or I am just kidding myself? When the Dr first prescribed my pain medication I took a 10 mg Percocet and it made me sick to my stomach so I would only take half which relieved the pain so I figured why take any more than I have to. But still worried that any "daily" use, no matter the mg can result in addicition.
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The great thing about pain medication is that when taken as prescribed, for actual pain, they work and many people won't get high; they will simply feel relieved. However, taking that extra one or two may ultimately lead to addiction/dependence. Former addicts and persons with addictive personalities/ behaviors are especially susceptible.

I wouldn't stress too much. Just be cautious and recognize the early warning signs and you will be ok. There's a time to tough it out, but use the resources available to you and the benefit will outweigh the risk.
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