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You guys are going to yell at me, I know. I am on 60 mg. of meth from a local clinic every day and granted, my life is much better. I am ...
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Need to stop Xanax after taking 10+ years. Will clonazepam help withdrawal? 65 years old and afraid
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Will I have a bad reaction mixing the two?
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So I when i started Tramadol i was around 150 to 155 lbs a solid size 10 ( i'm 5'4") Since then I have gone down to a size 4-6 and convin...
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I've been on methadone at 150mg a day and about 15 mg of xanax. i went to detox for 21 days, i've been home 1 week and i just keep feeli...
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I’ve been snorting come for almost 2 weeks now and yesterday my urine had a slight red to it. I thought it was only because I wasn’t drin...
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Hi there. I have been addicted to cocaine since one year. I use about 3 grams per month average, i thought it was helping me with my ...
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Hi guys! hang in there, I am clean 35 days from Suboxone and still feeling no energy, murmurs, sleeplessness, anxious, dirreahea and feel...
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I've been taking 10mg hydrocodone for 2 years now for chronic neck/back pain. I'm trying to taper down and quit taking them completely in...
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Hello everyone, I’ve been on Methadone for about 4 years I take 40mg a day and sometimes 60 or 70 but I have had so many adverse reaction...
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So, my name is Melissa and I am an addict. I've been clean since Jan 1st, 2014!!!!!! I withdrew at home and this site helped walk me th...
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The last thing anybody, especially the very ill like me, wants is to be a burden on anybody. ****, I'll be the first to say it...I am a...
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I shot up meth and now a day later I have a very large knot and it's so sore to the touch
Wanted to thank some of the people that were here couple years back, this early morning marks my 2 year clean date. I never attended n/a ...
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Yesterday I stupidly changed the qty of my prescription for Darvon from 5 pills to 15 pills. At the pharmacy they must have noticed and o...
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Snorted a large amount of Cocaine, 3 weeks ago, for the first (and last) time in my life. I think I slightly overdosed because I felt ti...
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I have been on Methadone for the last 6 years, all starting with 5mg dose all the way up to 120mg per day. I was put on methadone to get ...
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Hi, I have tried cocaine many times, but only in the last month or so have I been using it very frequently. The rear part of my nose ...
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Good morning. I am a mother of three and odd for the summer. I have been on lortab for 8 years for a chronic condition. I want to stop ta...
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I've been in recovery for 6 months and have been really hurting. Need a good pain med.
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