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This is a patient community for substance abuse and addiction. Discussions include identifying addiction, addictive behaviors, withdrawal, recovery and treatment/aftercare, and support.

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A friend of mine, a sober friend, recently told me that he regularly smokes weed. Is that really sober? Is there any danger to this to ...
:confused: Am I doomed? I am absolutely terrified. I have been adamant about going to AA for months but can't get more than 3 weeks...
I have been prescribed to Xanax for over ten years now ... The last Doctor I went to was a straight up SCRIPT DOC.! This doctor just c...
Hi all, I'm now 17 days clean of opiates. I was using 20ish 10/325s a day when I quit, with a habit that spanned over three years. Lik...
I have been off suboxone for 103 days, can't believe I was on it for 9 years. Now I am totally clean but having health problems that I be...
did crystal meth one day missed cymbalta the next day took regular dose. Feel like having withdraws for the last four days. Whats wron...
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