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Does anyone know how to get off Red Dawn Sleep Walker pills? They are a over the counter replacement for street drugs. I have a friend th...
Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for a rehab facility to get off pain meds. Any help is greatly appreciated
What happened to this poor, amazing place? So many used to congregate here to support each other, and now its but a shadow of its former...
I have been using 8 years. Not a terrible amount but at worst 75 mg daily oxy habit. Lately , last 5 weeks ive bern reducing. I have very...
My friend is always nodding off and will be slumped over. His pupils are really small. He can be talking to me and just fall asleep in th...
Hi there... I've been on methadone for 9 years, having started on 45mlper day for the longest period. About a year and a half ago I start...
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