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Day 4 - I feel pretty good, how are you?

This must be my lucky day, I get to start a question!

Good morning, my fellow withdrawers.  (Anybody got a better name than "withdrawers"?)  How's everyone?
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I was looking at a lot of the past posts, and GWH was taking a lot of the same **** I was.... LOTS of OXY. TOO much.

Anyway, can you please post back?
I wan't to know how you get Methodone to detox, but I don't want to go to a damned clinic and get treated like a "Junkie"...

Where can I buy some? How expensive is it, and does it feel really good to be on? I heard it lasts real long in your blood so that you only have to take it 2 time per day.

Anyway... ThX for you're help.

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Yes, I got the script from the ER Dr. I am down to one pill. I have the appt today, I hope he can help me. After taking so many for so long, it's going to be a hard LONG road. I called a few hospitals, clinics, i was even considering methadone, but after reading some posts, thats not what i want. My w/ds right now, are limited since i got the  20 pills on Sunday.  But i am trying to stretch them out. as far as w/d's i have headaches!! It's funny I have been on the phone since monday, talking to various counselors centers etc... it all about the damn insurance. We'll see what happens this afternoon. thanks for asking..
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I know somewhat who got methadone maintenance (in pills) for pain from a pain doctor.  Sometimes got high, sometimes not.  Had to have someone hold them for her.

HOWEVER, when she decided to Detox from it, it was truly an f-in NIGHTMARE.  You HAVE to detox from methadone under medical supervision.
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Im sorry you are having such a bad day.Just having someone to vent to without fear of being judged is a big help.I too am having a bad day but ct was the way to go.When this is over,I will be so relieved.Im not depressed in the least today,day 5 and thats how I know im going to make it.I just needed to want sobriety more than i wanted that energy from pills.Guess i have to get a life now.Hang in there,this too shall pass.

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If you're still there, please stop and ask yourself if you want to start all over again?
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Now here is something I know about.This has been my drug of choice for over a year.I used it for pain from my pain management doctor.I took 4 to 6 pills a day.40 to 60 mgs a day.
It does get you high although.I took this after years of hydro's and oxy's.Even was put on morphine at one time but I don't remember much about that.Methadone is a good way to detox if you do it within 2 months.If you take it for more than that you will just be abusing it and it will cause very bad withdrawals.I had
really bad w/d's from it.I stopped too soon.I tapered to 10 mgs
a day which I should have tapered on to 2.5 mgs,which at this point it has no effect on the body.When I found this site in the last days of August I was a mess.Just had got back home from the ER.Physically It hurt,mentally I was a mess also.It took at least
20 days before I felt alittle human.I am at 42 days now and I feel a whole lot better,but I still have effects from methadone.
My doctor said with such long term use it could take months to get myself well from it.So the moral to this story is this,use methadone to detox from hydro's oxy's slowly.Taper alittle at a time.My Pain doc said it should take 60 days to taper from 40 mgs aday down to 2.5 mgs day.Decreasing each week.Also it is true that if you take other opiates You will be wasting them.
I took 18 norco's in 3 days while on methadaone and never felt a one.Wasted the hydro.Take methadone only under the care of a
doctor not the a street dealer.He won't care that you get addicted and believe me methadone is very very addictive.
Use it to get clean,not high.Or you will regret it.
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