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Don't Mourn...

I heard in a meeting "Don't mourn your addiction; you just can't do it anymore". In times of struggling with glamorizing or forgetting what that hell was like, this has really helped me. Just passing it along. Maybe it'll help someone else.
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This is a really good point.  There are times when I play with that in my head....and remarkably, like the addict I am, I remember having fun!  I remember the good times!  Not the head in a toilet puking b/c I was out for 2 days, or the people that I screwed over (including my children) to get what I needed to be "ok".  How amazing is it that as an addict, that's what we do?  When I start 2nd guessing myself and my decision to get clean I reread the posts that I made when I first came on here. Some of them incoherent.  Try to remember locking myself away in my from (from my kids and husband) and hitting my head into the wall b/c my brain just wouldn't stop!!!!  I believe, by the time I got into recovery, I had had my *** kicked 10x's to Sunday....I was beaten.  This is what I remember.....
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Hi  good post.....my sponcer had me write a letter to my addiction saying good by to it at first I to remembered the good times but by the end of the letter I now realize why I dont want to ever pick up again
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I think I will try the letter...that sounds like a good idea. Thank you for posting.
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