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Effects of Marijauna on the liver

I was interested in the medical effects of regular marijauna use on the liver ?  Are the effects more severe when a person has hepatitis C ?
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This forum can be posted to at ANY time.... however it only takes a limited number of questions per day. There is no limit to comments and replies.
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As far as the effects of marijuana on the liver it may indeed be safer than most other drugs. I also support the use of medical marijuana since we should all be free to choose alternatives when medical and mainstream remedies either do not work or are more dangerous than the disease itself. I do not agree that marijuana is as safe as you think. For many people it is the source of psycholigical addiction, paranoia and a plethora of mental health problems. I'd rather have my teenager eating big macs than smoking pot. Smoking any substance is damaging to the bronchii and lungs. Any substance that alters mood or inhibitions is dangerous to recovered addicts and others for all the obvious reasons. Best wishes, Brighty
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I would love to know the answer to that question myself.  I have had HCV for 21 years.  I did combo Rx and have been sin a sustained response for the past 10 months.  I smoked marijuana during Rx to ease the efffects of the nausea and anxiety/insomnia.  It really helped.  Now that I am off Rx I see no need for it so I no longer smoke it.  I know that the liver filters out all toxins in the body and Pot is surely a toxin.  Any input anyone?  Mojo
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im not shur, but i know marijuana is harmless [other than carcinagines which can be reduced with a water pipe] god gave us this great HERB, THIS SHOULD not BE CONSEDERED A DRUG, AND IS COMPLETLY REDICULIOUS TO BE ILLEGAL!!!!!
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Phil... please remove my reply to Kacey. Her comment on marijuana was removed but my reply remains. I understand the concerns about him/her setting up a bogus board and using our questions here on that board. But I also think it does not look good for us to have replies here to missing questions. I'm sure this is an oversight. Thanks.
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I thank all of you for your input. Does anyone know when you could expect a reply  that is posted by the doctor ?
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