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Effects of Percocet and Oxycontin

My husband is taking both of the pills listed above and is buying them from dealers.  It has been going on over 3 years now and has really gotten expensive.  He has HepC and I have told him how damaging this is to take these pills with his liver disease.  He says that he can't work the way he does without them because they give him energy.  I am starting to see the sudden outburst of anger.  Especially if I say anything about the pills.  Can anybody tell me what the long term effects are going to be for him and how I can get him to see that the pills are not really giving him energy and how bad they are for him?
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Well, I'm surprised you didn't see the anger(volatility) much sooner.  That is something many of us have experienced first hand, and is one of the many wonderful(NOT) side effects of oxycodone, and opiates in general.   Hell i remember if someone even looked at me funny at the grocery store, i was ready to clobber them; and truth is they were probably just going to say hi.
As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys.  Thankfully there isn't tylenol in the oxycontin, but the tylenol with percs is surely compromising these organs' well being. My very good friend, a percocet abuser, just got off a dialysis machine 2 days ago, for failed liver and kidney function.  He is an otherwise healthy 32 year old man. Then there are changes that occur to the brain, that in many cases can be permanent.  Some addiction specialists draw the analogy of an addicts brain to a person that has had a stroke.  Although recovery is CERTAINLY possible, the addict has to basically train different parts of the brain to resume normal function.  So clearly, there is a relationship to length of abuse and damage, and in turn recovery efficiency.
Then there are things like the continual stress to the GI tract, and ability(or lack of) to rid the body of toxins, since your husband is probably constipated all the time.  And one of my favorites that many people kind of forget about(since these things can ultimately suck the life right out of you), is the erosion of your teeth.  I think this is a result of the severe mineral depletion that results from opiate abuse.  It cost me several thousand dollars to get mine back to health after i got off percs.  Oh, and we can't forget about sex life; husband had any animal instincts lately(not trying to be too personal); probably not, if he is like most of us that get stripped of our "drive".

Now the second part of your question.  It is too bad it is not your husband asking these questions, as your good intentions will likely fall on deaf ears.  You can point out these things, but he has to want to change his behaviour first.  I am NOT trying to discourage you, but it is what it is!!!

In any case, I wish you and your husband the very best!

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Sorry, I guess i forgot to mention, financial ruin; as his habit will correspondingly grow with his tolerance.

I think you get the idea, a pretty lousy deal all the way around!!
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Hi and welcome!--Many people on this forum swear by M.D.'s known as addictionologists (Drs whose specialty is the treatment of drug addiction.  I myself prefer to fight my demon alone with the help of this forum.  Please tell us about yourself--What are you taking? How much?  You will find so many loving and caring people on this forum that totally understand what you are going through. Peace and Prayers
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This is my first time on the forum. I am a 36 year old male. I started taking Lorcet about one year ago. I am very healthy and never had any pain. I just take it for recreation. I experienced withdrawals for the first time about two months ago. It was awful. Since then, I have not let myself have withdrawals. I take 3-4 at night, hardly ever during the day. I know it's not too late to quit, and reading some of your posts scares the hell out of me. I have heard that it is best to not quit cold turkey, but to back off slowly. I have two great kids, a wife and a growing business and I know what I need to do. Could someone who has been through this tell me the best way to quit.
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In most cases, it is true that backing off slowly is the least shocking to your body.  In your case, you should put down the lorcets, run and never look back.  Your withdrawals will pass quickly....within a few days.  You will feel like yourself again and life goes on, if you take my advice.  You should read all through these posts and in the archives and see what continued use of those things will do for you.
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Get yourself a little immodium (if needed).  Maybe some valium or xanax for a couple of days to sleep.  Maybe some greenage if possible.  I know it helps me.  Actually, I won't detox without it.  You could take four one night, then three the next, then two, then one, and then none.  That would probably be best for you with "tapering".  Honestly, with the amount you take, that is the end of the taper for many.  Just do it and get it over with and don't look back.  You certainly don't want to join the club, if you know what I mean.
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welcome, jb.
i think mr michaels advice is excellent
and he hit the nail on the head,
perc no mas was just as good.
get out asap.
keep us posted.
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You are a very smart person so take the advice from the guys above. You don't want to come back here in a year with a 20 pill a day habit and in the shape that most of us have been in.
MrM hit it on the head and his advice along with Percs and Hippy should be taken very seriously. Drug addiction is not a pretty site my friend at all. You are at such a low dose now that just giving them up will be a breeze. A little flu like **** for a couple of days and you will have your life back.
Lets just leave it at this, if you pop back on here in a year all strung out and messed up I will find you and beat the **** out of you. LOL
   Good Luck my friend...........bmac the troublemaker
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Thanks for your response.  I am a first timer on this site and
I have learned lots today about the effects of long time abuse.
I am considering printing out the info that I have read and passing it on to my husband.  Thank you again for responding so soon.  I was a little desperate today.  Oh, the "anger thing" has been an on going process over the last 2 years but I have noticed over the last 6 mths that he quicker to anger than before.  However he is not abusive to me or the kids just kinda flies off the handle.  I worry most about his health and the financial aspect of all of this.  I am still searching the site and tell me what does CT mean?
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Thanks for your time and advice. Today is the first time I have ever been on any type of forum for hydrocodone and it really opened my eyes. I really only noticed the past couple of months that there seemed to be a problem. I never knew the dangers. My biggest problem is "friends" that call me daily wanting to know if I need any. I can't figure out where so many pills come from. They are everywhere. Yes, I always have 'greenage'. Since I started this habit, the 'greenage' has taken a back seat. I guess that's one good thing about it. I certainly don't want to be one of these people that take 10 pills a day so I will take your advice. I have app 20 pills right now. I'm gonna take two a day for 2-3 days and then back off to 1 a day. Think that will be ok?
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Hey Welcome Here!!

The good news is that you are on a relatively low doseage, and for a relatively short period of time; so this is an excellent time to put a stop to it. (You did say you know what to do.....ie. quitting)

Two choices: 1.) Cold Turkey---gets it over with quicker, and you can hide behind a good flu story. After about the third or forth day, you should start feeling better; with the exception perhaps of sound, and a full nights sleep; lack of concentration...and generally lethargic.

             2.) Tapering---(my preferred method, but prolongs things and can be very difficult will power-wise) At about 4 pills/day??, you could drop 1 and stay at 3/ day for four or five days, then dropping another pill, to 2/day staying here for about a week......down to zero.  When you get to 1/day, you can break them in half taking half in the morning and half at night.  Remember now you are taking them to help stave off withdrawals, NOT get buzzed.  There really is no need to drag this out too long, especially if there is a chance of eroding your resolve to get off them.
Read through the Thomas Recipe(posted everywhere here), and specifically the L-Tyrosine/B-6 ingredients; exercise; drinks lots of fluids; and in no time, you'll be enjoying your wonderful wife and kids, growing your business further....all without hydro.  
Take Care
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With twenty, you can take four for two days, then three for two, then two for two, then one for two....or any variation with the same concept in mind.  You are down so low that you will feel a little gnarly after doing that, but nothing terrible.  Believe me, with increased tolerance, it gets MUCH WORSE!  Smoke a ton and within a few days, you will be good to go.
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Hey guys what is Trazodone, Doc gave it to me becuase I refused to take pain killers, or any other ****. He said it would just help me sleep amd was tottaly safe.I tried to look it up on the web, and found a pretty scary report. People die there heart explodes. But it states there is no addicttion possiblility, it would be nice to sleep but is this stuff safe??? Then there is a big warning to not stop taking this med without telling your doc??? I just want to make sure there is no catch, other than the (dying part) with this stuff. Doc said take it for a week and I will get some sleep I can stop it whenever I want.
Thanks Guys.
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As for your question...CT means "cold turkey"
You have received a wealth of info, I pray that together with your husband's problem you will be able to get through this.
I can tell you from experience that having someone support me and understand (the best they could) was priceless.
Keep in mind though, this decision lies with him and him alone.
You cannot make choices for others and you should not allow others to make choices for you.
Best of luck...keep posting. You have many caring individuals here who are willing to listen and help.   Peace to you

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Your Doc was right.  Trazadone is a MAOI(bunch of big words) and serves as an antidepressant.  In lower doseages, it is quite sedative.  Like yourself, after I got off the pills was paranoid about taking anything for sleep; well my doc (that has been a alife-long friend) convinced me it was safe.  I've been taking it on and off for about 10 months, and am very happy with it.  It definately gets me to sleep(with just 50 mgs) rapidly, however it only keeps me asleep for about 4-5 hours.,, and I don't feel groggy in the morning.  I can fall back to sleep after i've awakened in the middle of the night.  I've stopped taking it several times with absolutely NO side effects.  I've read all the side effects also, but experienced none.

Hope that helps

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....sorry, i forgot to add that it took about 8 or 9 days to start working.
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Thanks, he also told me to take 50m only at night, I was never a big sleeper my whole life anyway so 4-5 hour's would be great I will try it, I was more affraid of the male pattern baldnees side effect, I will try it and let you know, thanks again.
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Sexual side effects are very common with trazadone.  It happened to me very profoundly and is quite scary.  I don't like anything messing with the family jewels, if you know what I mean.  It doesn't happen with everyone, but it is very common.  It basically makes for an unproductive ejaculation.....shooting blanks if you will.
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The sexual side effects might manifest themselves in other ways, but that is how it happened with me.  As soon as I stopped the trazadone, it went away.  Don't get me wrong, trazadone is an excellent med for this purpose.  But, you should know all there is to know and have your eyes wide open.  And remember, that happened with me.  That doesn't mean it will happen to you.  Many anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have that side effect.
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Talking to your doctor would be an excellent idea.  Maybe he does know of an addiction doc for you to go to.  Or, maybe someone here has a url to post that might help you?  Call your local hospital and see who they have on staff.  Hospitals (at least by me) have a physician referral service that should be able to help you out.
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Thankyou for that I will call the nearby hospital tonight. Is there a certain time when you just stop wantingthese things. The longest that I have went in the past year has been 2 weeks and I would always just start back.
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All I can add to your post to not perfect either is---AMEN!
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The only thing that I can possibly add to your post to Not Perfect Either is---AMEN SOUTHERN BROTHER
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