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Effexor XR - 300mgs

Now, before I get attacked by people like the last time (note...NO posts since then) I have a quick questions to anyone who has ever been on Effexor XR for depression.  I have been taking this for almost 2 years and I was getting real jittery in the mornings, so my Dr. recommended I lower my dose by 75mgs.  I did so and I really don't feel right.  When I stand up I get very lightheaded and dizzy and I feel very confused and sick to my stomach.  Has this happened to anyone??  Thanks.
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Yes. I was on Effexor 75mg for 3 yrs. When I decided to get off it I tapered down the 37.5mg, then stopped cold turkey. I had those electrical charge things in my head for about a month. Uncomfortable but nothing you can't deal with. I thought Effexor helped me while I was on it but after being off it for almost 2 yrs. I wondered why I was even on it. Don't miss it or need it at all.
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Holy ****. I just realized you are taking 300mgs. Be very careful. Taper.
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I had that same feeling...I was away for a long weekend and forgot my Celexa....(just another SSRI) and I felt nauseous and like my equilibrium was off.  Maybe you are coming off too fast or cut your dose by too much! Be careful ok!
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