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Endorphins - When do I get them back!

Hi All! (I cant believe I got through, I must collect myself a moment).

Does anyone know how long it takes to have ones endorphins return to pre-opoid days?  I am just wondering about the day that I attempt to only use things like Yoga, meditation, and maybe the antidepressants to tackle my fibromyalgia and arthritis.  I have wanted to know this for a long time but could not get through to make a new post.  This is one exciting day!  I think I will do a quick pick on Lotto!  I would appreciate any information from you good people.  I mean do the drugs need to be out of your system for a period of time?  Does it depend on what you were on and how long you were on it?  
Thanks Again Everybody,
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In my opinion your question about the return of endorphines is moot.  The length of time here is as varied as we are different genetically.  I had a very long wait and went through months of treatment with SSRI meds and benzos.  One day I said that's enough!  Believe you me, you will know when they are back but I think you have to be clean and sober to realize it.  That's been my experience at any rate.  It's pretty subtle at first.  Today, I actually have emotions and can care about other's problems.  I can cry and feel again!  For so many years I thought that I was the only one in the world with problems-poor me.  In the end, I was alone with myself and I hated myself.  Endophines do a lot more than relieve pain, they make life worth living as a human being.

P.S. I bought two lottery tickets today and won $6.00.  That'll be part of my donation to Med Help.  I got the e-mail today from Cindy and Phil.  We need to keep this forum going!
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I'm confused.  I want my endorphins to come back not to not be in pain but like you said to FEEL BETTER like you said you know the "make life worth living thing"  that is the part I want to know about.  Do you mean that you were on months of Antidepressants and like Xanax or something like that? Sorry to drill you with all the questions I am just trying to make sure I understand what you are saying! Do you mean that you quit taking antidepressants and tranquilizers and things suddenly fell into place?  You are going to wish like hell you did not answer my post arent you! (sorry).  I am glad you agree that we need to keep this site going!  You all are so terrific and with the holidays coming up we may need each other!!!!
Have a good Day.

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No, I didn't mean that everything suddenly fell into place.  It was a lot of soul searching, medications and help from fellow addicts that helped to make everything clear to me.  Call it a spiritual awakening.  After working on "my problem" for so many years, I can't say that anything was sudden.  But little by little things did fall into place for me.  No, I am not sorry for answering any of your posts.  All I can really say for sure is that it takes as long as it takes.  I know it's confusing to hear such a simplistic statement but it's really the heart of the matter.  There's two ways of looking at things....Keep it simple stupid or keep it stupid simple!  I'm sorry but my pain meds have kicked in big time and I'm getting kind of spaced out.

Just don't kill youself as I have.  Now I must pay the piper!
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Thanks for your input.  Good to hear from you!
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Hi all, I tried to post this question as new, but as you all know that it sometimes impossible to do! I have a question, please bear with me if it seems like a 'stupid' one...but here goes,
If your liver starts to get 'sick' or doesn't work as well, when you do drugs what happens? I mean do you feel the pain meds more or do you feel them less??? have a great day all!
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.Carol:  I know that from previous postings, I believe J.B. is familiar with Liver ailments.  Both my parents had Hepatitis C.  My father has been able to live a normal life thru interferon, however, my beloved mother was not so lucky. From the little knowledge I have gathered, the liver is like a filter that absorbs all impurities(someone correct me if I am wrong.)  Some drugs, such as alcohol and tylenol tend to stay in the liver, and prevent it from functioning correctly, and after a long period of abuse or sickness, it stops working.  My mother was in Turkey on a vacation, and got an infection that sped up her Hep C infection and passed away within a month.  She had been ill with it since before i was born, but it had only been diagnosed within the last three years.  Since I was born with it, I have been tested several times and so far so good.  Marcie, if you find an answer about endorphins, please share, I am worried about it too.
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