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Gnarly-u there?

Hi, I have been watching this forum long enough to know you r the authority on methadone and kicking it. I just got out of hospital-it was free thats why i went. They gave me suboxone 4 mg. I Was on 10 mg dones x 2 a day. And 4 mg Dilaudid x2 a day. Soma 350.

Now I am home and it is hitting me hard. It is painful to type this. I'm 39 female. 3 kids. My doc put me on all this stuff for my back.Please help or encourage. I want off. I have been to ACOA for 7

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You might try scrolling down on this page on the right, till you see "top addiction answerer
's  and hold the arrow over his name, it will give you some choices and you can send him a message directly. Not sure he's here tonight but often is. Good luck
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i just left him a note for you, but you could pm him,
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That's true I believe gnarly tends to be here later at night and during the night - and it's great that you're looking him up I too think he's AMAZING!!
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Well, I started reading his post like six months when I first got put on this nasty medication.
I tried In Oct to do a detox at home but I didn't know what I was really up against. A doc put me right back on it after three weeks and it was too easy just to get up and start taking care of everyone. Plus I was really beat down from my marriage. I have more resolve now and I can be pretty stubborn when I make my mind up and I have strong faith. I am at a friends house now. I have to go home Tommorow. My kids need me badly. I don't have the ability to go away for thirty days. Atleast there is school.
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gnarly is in phoenix so he is 3 hrs. behind us and is usually on after
midnight eastern time/
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Thnx. Not that I'm gonna be sleeping tonight. I already wore out all my clean friends today. LOL.

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